The Write Response
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why choose our lists?

The Write Response lists are multi-use lists – not rented. You can use them time after time for your own marketing and research and you can update your lists every year for just 50% of the prevailing price. It’s more like buying a directory than a regular mailing list.

The prices quoted are for the entire file; we don’t price on per/1000 rates and there are no set-up fees or other hidden charges.

We actively research our information, verify it, and then keep updating it every day. This is specialised data that can’t be found in any other single source.

It’s all we do and we take the time to get it right. The accuracy and coverage of our lists is second to none. Our mailing deliverability is as high as 99.85%, which means less waste and more profit for you.

Our lists are your essential resource for your direct mail, fax and email broadcast, telemarketing and sales campaigns.